New on Aruba
Hand crafted Cement tiles
Modern Kitchen with Traditional Tiles
Showcase a Central Area
Replicate Exisiting Floors
Renovation for Monumental Sites
Indoors or Outdoors
Very Robust & Durable
Infinite Designs
Let your Imagination Wander!
Customized Tiles
Create Your Own Design!
Valuable Investment
Quality, Functionality, Beauty and Longevity
Great for Kitchens and Bathrooms!

Welcome to St. Christopher Tiles

When you think about your surroundings in your home or business, what is important to you? Most people would want quality, functionality and beauty. What makes these cement tiles extra special is that it has it all, plus the longevity.

Call it Aruban or Crioyo, Portuguese, en-caustic, hydraulic pressed, concrete, mosaicos, French, Spanish, Moroccan, Cuban, or Mexican tile…whatever you choose to call it, they all have a common trait… they are historically known for their artistic beauty and endurance in the test of time, which is a valuable investment for generations to come

St. Christopher Tiles